No Who Convention would be complete without some special guests. You may even be lucky enough to bump into "Who associates" mingling in the crowd.

The 2003 Convention saw the attendance of Richard Barnes (close friend of Pete Townshend since art school and credited with naming "The Who") and Peter "Dougal" Butler (Keith Moon's personal assistant during the 1970s) amongst others.

Above: Richard Barnes and Peter "Dougal" Butler at the 2003 Convention.



We are pleased to announce that "Irish" Jack will appear at the 2006 Convention for another performance of his Who-related stories and annecdotes.

Said by Pete Townshend to have been an influence on his past and continuing works, and cited as the inspiration for the classic Quadrophenia. "Irish Jack" - christened so by Who manager Kit Lambert during a night of madness - first met The Who in 1962 when the band was still known as The Detours (playing a bunch of wedding dates in a half filled work diary) and he's been around ever since: pontificating on the attitude of Mod, eulogizing his Shepherd's Bush heroes, and sometimes eloquently tripping over backstage cable.

Irish Jack reads his stories in London and New York, and always the theme is the same: growing up in Sixties London and keeping abreast of "the only band" he says, "that ever mattered". All of his stories are true factual accounts, and he reads them with unreserved glee, celebrating his own survival and the times he lived in.